images   of   African   American   women.   It   does   not   duplicate   what   is   currently   exhibited   in other    museums.    It    contains    original    exhibits    which    are    held,    unseen,    in    private collections.    The    collectors,    committed    to    preserving    African    American    history    and culture,   have   permitted   their   items   to   be   photographed   for   the   museum.   The   items   are displayed   in   online   galleries.   The   first   two   galleries   are   devoted   to   the   African   past.      The galleries   include   statues,   masks   and   a   variety   of   artifacts   from   the   African   continent.   The    third    gallery    contains    images    of    nineteenth    and    twentieth    century    African Americans.   These   images   are   found   in   newspapers   from   the   period.   The   fourth   gallery contains   images   of   African   American   women   in   the   late   nineteenth   and   early   to   mid- twentieth   century.   The   galleries   combine   artifacts,   art,   rare   documents   and   ephemera.   A description of the items will soon be available. The   museum   is   supported   by   an   international   online   community   of   researchers, historians,   collectors,   scholars   and   those   interested   in   American   history,   specifically the history and culture of African American women.  
The   Glenda   R.   Taylor   Museum   for   the   preservation   of   African   American   Women’s   History &   Culture    is   a   visual   archive   and   exhibition   of   rare   historical   items   which   contribute   to a   greater   understanding   of   African   American   history   and   culture.   It   is   a   21 st    century monument    (website)    documenting    the    history    and        culture    of        African    American Women. The  museum contains  the  invisible, the  too often unheard voices and unseen
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