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Biographies Glenda   R.   Taylor   is    a    scholar,    poet, author   and   cultural   historian   who   has   an extensive   knowledge   of   African   American history     and     culture.     She     is     currently working     on     her     doctorate     degree     in Interdisciplinary         Studies         with         a concentration     in     American     History     & Culture.   Her   dissertation   is   a   study   of   how Michael   Jackson   in   the   tradition   of   African American    artists    have    used    his    artistic voice    to    promote    social    change.   Taylor’s books   include:   Jalimuso’s   Drum,   Waves   of consciousness,    Black   America    Cried    and Blind Light. Mary      J.      Taylor      is       a       retired administrator    from   Medgar   Evers   College of   the   City   University   of   New   York.   She received    her   Associate    of   Arts    degree    in Humanities;   her   Bachelor   of Arts   degree   in English   and   her   Master   of   Science   degree in    Counseling.    Taylor    is    the    recipient    of awards   and   certificates   which   include   the City    University    of    New    York    (CUNY) Performance       Excellence       Award;       the Brooklyn       College       Graduate       Student Organization    Outstanding    Service    to    the College    Community    Award;    the    Fannie Lou    Hamer    Award;    the    George    Cureton Award;     and     a     special     Certificate     for Outstanding     Achievement     from     Mayor David   Dinkins.   Taylor   is   the   co-editor   of   The   Secrets   of   Success:   The   Black   Man’s Perspective    and    Truth    Beyond    Illusion: African American Women 1860s-1950s.